Top 5 Proven Strategies to convert visitor to paying customer for Your Shopify Store

One of the most unending focuses concerning an eCommerce customer’s journey is acquiring and converting new customers, prospects, or leads. And conversions have always been the top of the mountain that Shopify brands have tried to scale with a lot of effort.

And the climb isn’t a single track, a single hack to turn your Shopify store profitable overnight and gain thousands of customers in a few days.

If you’re a Shopify store owner, the most important step for you is to turn your shop visitor into a customer. This is not only about increasing sales but sustaining and growing your online business. This is why, this blog will be starting a fire in your creative mind to use some strategic marketing and convert visitors into customers for your Shopify store!

Factors Affecting Visitor Conversion

Visitor conversion, the process of a visitor making a purchase in your online store, can be influenced by a variety of factors. Understanding these factors can help you improve upon them, to ultimately enhance your conversion rate:

Quality of the product

Your Shopify store can quickly gain some support based on the quality of the products you offer. Having better quality products can compel your existing customers to leave a review on your site, which in turn acts as a nudge for your visitors to make a purchase. To attract your visitors through a different medium, make sure to use high-quality and compelling images of your product.


Visitors are more likely to make a purchase when they have clear pricing information and a compelling value proposition, rather than seeing something fishy. A compelling value proposition is all about staking out the pricing for your competitors in the market while providing the best offers to your visitors. Here, make sure to remind your visitor of the quality of your product, making it worth its price!

Website design

A user-friendly design is one of the first things that catches a visitor’s eye. An attractive website design although very important, might not mean much if a visitor finds it difficult to navigate, or find a product of related information. A confusing layout can also make a visitor abandon your site without making a purchase. Visually appealing, yet user-friendly websites can enhance customer experience and boost conversion rates.

Use of marketing strategies

To actually increase conversion rates, you need to make sure you employ every effective play in the book! Effective marketing strategies can drive more traffic to your site and increase conversion rates. One of the most important marketing strategies is having a clear call to action

Proven Strategies to Improve Conversion Rates on Shopify

1. Be creative and include testimonials and trust marks on your homepage

First impressions are crucial. To turn a visitor into a customer, you first need to knock them out with your user-friendly and appealing website! Make sure that your website design aligns with your brand identity. For this, use brand colors, colors that you use in your logo. Keep a consistent tone of messaging along with the style of typography. For newer brands, or products that may be less familiar to shoppers, it is important to show visitors that they can earn their trust by using trust badges on storefront. Include testimonial to keed your customer engaged.

#Case study

Meal replacement brand Huel makes use of Trustpilot ratings, putting their rating front and center on the homepage so visitors can see that Huel is a trusted brand.

As their product relates to health and wellness, they also included testimonials from experts in the field to speak about the health benefits of their products. Meal replacements are not a staple part of most people’s diets, so this appeal to authority helps to persuade a visitor to try a product which is not yet widely adopted by consumers.

2. Use Social Proof

A never-to-be-missed ritual before buying any online product is to check its reviews. One of the most crucial points in converting a visitor into a customer is when the visitor checks reviews for your products. For brands selling visually-oriented products, such as beauty products, aesthetics plays an important role in the marketing strategy. In particular, the brand wants to communicate that the products not only look good, they also make the user look good.

#Case Study

Beauty brand Glamnetic nails this strategy by putting social images on their homepage, imported from their Instagram feed. These posts are typically reposts of images shared by influencers online showing off Glamnetic products, offering visitors a view into how the products may look in the wild.

Reviews also play a huge role in adding to social proof on your website. While most reviews tend to be scattered across the various product pages, Glamnetic also consolidates all their reviews onto a single page so that a visitor can see all of the reviews in one go. Being able to see tens of thousands of reviews at once inspires confidence in visitors that they can trust the website and the products sold.

3. Offer Competitive Pricing

As we’ve said before, offer your visitors the best prices, while reminding them of the quality you uphold for every product. Remember to research your competitors’ pricing strategies and price your products competitively. Offer discounts for first-time customers, seasonal deals, and even last-minute discounts to attract and convert visitors into customers.

#Case Study

Amazon vs. Walmart:

Both Amazon and Walmart are continually adjusting their prices to maintain their competitive edge. One competitive pricing strategy example is the use of dynamic pricing algorithms, which allows these companies to change product prices in real-time based on factors such as demand, inventory, and competitor prices. This approach has led to fierce price competition, with companies constantly trying to undercut each other.

Here are a few data points that serve as practical examples of competitor pricing and their outcome:

  • In a 2020 study by Digital Commerce 360, 67% of US shoppers said they frequently or always shop at Walmart for its competitive prices, while 59% said the same about Amazon.

  • A 2021 study by Jungle Scout found that, on average, Walmart's prices were around 4% lower than Amazon's for identical products across 10 popular categories.

  • A 2019 study by Profitero found that Walmart's online prices were the most competitive to Amazon's, thereby tightening the gap by only 3%. Walmart took to aggressive price-matching activities. The retailer matched Amazon prices on 53% of all CPG products studied and 67% in grocery.

4. Add a countdown timer on your homepage

Countdown timers are a powerful tool for promoting limited-time offers and special promotions on your website. By creating a sense of urgency, you're motivating visitors to take advantage of your offer before the timer runs out. This can result in a significant increase in sales and conversions for your business.

#Case Study

Brooklinen uses a countdown timer on their homepage during promo periods to inform visitors of their special offer and create a sense of urgency to encourage purchases. The timer is a simple and effective way to prompt visitors with purchase intention to convert.

5. Delight site visitors with an engaging, informative quiz

A strong social media presence is a must for any online store. Make sure to use different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest! Post regularly on your social media platforms. Engage with your followers by responding to their comments and messages.

To widen your reach, host giveaways and contests, post quizzes, and take questions using the Instagram Story feature. Another way to reach a whole new audience through a trusted medium is to collaborate with influencers in your niche. They can help promote your products to their followers.

#Case study

Leisa Peterson, a youtuber, build a Money and Chakras quiz, that helps her not only attract more quality subscribers through an easy-to-use, automated quiz, but it’s also helped in designing a much more thorough email marketing funnel. The quiz is promoted through an ad on Facebook that has been viewed over 320,000 times and completed over 20,000 times with email addresses being provided when people complete the quiz.

Final Thought

To sustain and grow your online store, visitor conversion is a crucial step. However, just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, converting visitors into customers is not an overnight process. It requires a combination of effective marketing strategic approach, considering factors like product quality, pricing, and effective marketing strategies, and a user-friendly website design. By implementing these strategies, you can increase your conversion rate and boost your Shopify store’s sales.

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