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Elevate revenue by motivating larger purchases for free shipping eligibility, driving increased per-customer sales and an enriched shopping journey

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Free shipping enhances perceived value, boosts conversions, reduces cart abandonment, and cultivates trust

Competitive Advantage

Stand out competitively with Free Shipping bar, attracting new customers, retaining loyalty, and securing consistent revenue in today's market

  • Versatile Background Collection
    Elevate customer experience with our Free Shipping Bar's diverse collection of 250+ captivating background images, designed to seamlessly align with your store's ambiance
  • Dynamic Sticky Visibility
    Opt for sticky positioning at the top or bottom, ensuring the bar's constant visibility, maximizing its impact on customer conversion
  • Seamless Theme Harmony
    Effortlessly integrate our Free Shipping Bar into any theme, ensuring a consistent shopping journey. It seamlessly syncs with all Shopify designs, preserving your store's unique style
  • Mobile Responsiveness
    Deliver a seamless experience across devices- smartphones, tablets, and beyond, enhancing conversions on every screen

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