Increase customer's confidence with

Sold Counter

Elevate conversions uniquely with Avyya's Sold Counter- sparks trust and urgency with real-time updates, driving confident sales growth

Amplify Trust and Conversions with Social Proof

Displaying the number of items sold acts as social proof, signaling to potential buyers that others have purchased and found value in the product. This builds trust and confidence, increasing the likelihood of conversion

Behavioral Influence

Seeing a high number of items sold can influence customers to follow the crowd, believing that the product is popular and worth purchasing

Achieve Competitive Distinction

A high sold count gives the product a competitive advantage, making it stand out from similar offerings and attracting more buyers

  • Real-Time Insights for Actionable Data
    Experience the power of dynamic data as it reflects sales within specific time frames
  • Seamless Integration
    Our sold counter smoothly syncs with any Shopify design, maintaining your store's style
  • Laser-Focused Targeting for Impactful Results
    Our Sold Counter can be strategically placed on specific pages, collections, products, countries, devices, and even UTM sources to ensure that the right message reaches the right audience, boosting your sales efforts effectively
  • Seamless Performance on Every Device
    Offers Smooth Functionality and Appealing Visuals Across Smartphones, Tablets, and More

Modern Sales booster for Modern Shop