Maximize Customer Engagement with

Product Labels

Magnify Product Presentation And Boost Conversion With Avyya’s Product Labels

Promote Sales and Discounts

Product labels boost sales by highlighting promotions and discounts, like "Sale," "New Arrival," or "Limited Time Offer."

Customize for Branding

Personalize labels to align with your brand identity and create a perfect look

Increase Visibility

Labels make products stand out in collections, improving visibility to customers

  • Variety of Labels
    Choose from 600+ image and 80+ text labels, aligning with your brand for a attractive design
  • Label Placement
    Adjust label size, rotation, and x-y offset for precise placement, seamlessly integrating labels with product images
  • Smart Targeting
    Targeting, including on-page, product (by type, tags, sale status), device, and country, boosts relevance and conversions
  • Universal Device Accessibility
    Seamless experience on smartphones and tablets, all mobile devices for increased engagement

Modern Sales booster for Modern Shop