Instill Customer'sConfidence with

Trust Badges

Skyrocket Sales with Trust- Empower Your Store's Credibility Using Avyya’s Trust Badges

Building Confidence

Trust badges provide customers with tangible proof of the business's adherence to security standards and quality, instilling confidence and prompting them to proceed with their purchase

Increasing Credibility

Displaying trust badges validates the legitimacy and reliability of the business, enhancing its credibility and making customers more comfortable with making a purchase

Enhance Brand Reputation

Displaying recognized trust symbols can enhance the brand's reputation and position it as a trustworthy and reliable entity

  • Seamless Styling Integration
    Elevate your store's appeal effortlessly – our Trust Badges flawlessly sync with any Shopify design
  • Diverse Icon Selection
    Choose from a collection of more than 260 recognized trust icons, encompassing eco-friendly, made in country, security, quality, and warranty assured badges aligns perfectly with your store's aesthetics and branding, resulting in an attractive and visually immersive shopping journey that resonates with customers
  • Mobile Responsiveness
    Experience consistent brilliance across all devices, from smartphones to tablets
  • Precision Targeting for Maximum Impact
    Unlock the power of precise targeting with our Trust Badges. Tailor badge placement to specific pages, collections, products, countries, devices, and even UTM sources

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