Ensuring Punctuality and Efficiency with

Shipping Timer

Drive Sales and Enhance Customer Satisfaction By Providing Real-Time Shipping Updates with Avyya's Shipping Timer

Customer Satisfaction

Shipping timer provides transparency and set clear expectation regarding shipping time, reduce uncertainty and enhance customer satisfaction with their online shopping experience

Inventory management

By promoting faster purchases, shipping timer can help business manage inventory, more efficiently, ensuring timely shipping and reducing the chances of stockouts or overstock

Competitive Advantage

Utilizing shipping timer can differentiate business from their competitors, especially offering limited- time shipping options, attracting customers seeking immediate delivery

  • Deliver Beyond Expectations
    Gain ultimate control over your shipping process by setting shipping cut-off times, minimum and maximum delivery times, and choose your preferred delivery days. Stay informed about your order's progress from start to finish
  • Mobile Responsiveness
    Looks and works well on all devices, including smartphones and tablets
  • Multi-Language Support
    Choose from multiple languages to experience shopping in your preferred language
  • Harmonious Integration with Any Theme
    ur sold counter smoothly syncs with any Shopify design, maintaining your store's style

Modern Sales booster for Modern Shop