Inactive Tab Messages

Boost return visits and sales with Bull converts personalized inactivity tab

Bring back your visitors

Inactive tabs re-engage visitors, ensuring they return and continue their shopping journey on your site

Increase sales

By strategically displaying content in inactive tabs, you can promote products, special offers, and brand messaging, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and increased sales

Boost engagement

Keep visitors interacting with your site, reducing bounce rates and extending the time they spend exploring your products, which enhances overall engagement and customer satisfaction

  • Customizable Content
    Customize your inactive tab's content to match your brand, showcase product highlights, or promote special offers with our user-friendly interface
  • Inactivity Timer
    Customize the timing of your tab swaps to engage customers at the perfect moment by setting the inactivity duration anywhere from 2 to 20 seconds
  • Control Swap Speed
    Adjust the tab swap speed to ensure a seamless transition that captures your customers' attention
  • Precision Targeting and Seamless Shopify Integration
    Easily integrate our app with any Shopify theme and precisely target the inactive tab based on visitor's location and specific UTM parameters

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