Eliminate Distractions, Enhance Sales with

Sticky "Add to Cart" Bar

Optimize user focus and drive higher conversions with Avyya's sticky add-to-cart


Prominently position button by product details, ensuring visibility and scrolling accessibility for users

Remove Distractions

While the sticky add-to-cart button is beneficial, ensure it doesn't distract users from other important content on the page

Persistent Cart Summary

Display cart icon with item count near sticky button for quick cart overview without leaving page

  • Streamlined Shopping
    Choose the button action – whether you want to go straight to checkout, cart, stay on the page, or do nothing for now
  • Versatile Content Customization
    Craft your message with product images, prices, quantities, and more for an engaging shopping experience
  • Seamless Theme Fusion
    Elevate your store's aesthetics as our sticky add-to-cart effortlessly harmonizes with any Shopify design
  • Cross-Device Excellence
    Experience flawless functionality on every device – smartphones, tablets, and beyond

Modern Sales booster for Modern Shop