Stimulate Urgency and Engagement with

Announcement Bar

Maximize Engagement, Multiply Conversions-Drive effortless growth for business with our Announcement Bar

Urgency-Driven Engagement

Announcement Bar grabs attention, showcases urgency with time-sensitive offers, prompting swift customer action for increased conversions and value

Strategic Action Guidance

Clear CTA in the Announcement Bar directs actions, reduces distractions, simplifies decisions, and drives conversions by guiding customers effectively

Enhance Customer Experience

Announcement Bars communicate vital updates and announcements, ensuring a seamless shopping journey for your customers

  • Elevate Visual Impact
    With 250+ appealing background images, our Announcement Bar seamlessly enhances your store's look, drawing focus to promotions
  • Pinpoint Targeting
    Reach your audience precisely by displaying the Announcement Bar where it matters most – specific pages, collections, products, or even to specific countries or devices
  • Theme Harmony
    Our Announcement Bar integrates effortlessly with any Shopify design, aligning seamlessly with your store's aesthetic
  • Device Excellence
    Experience consistency across devices – our Announcement Bar is optimized for smartphones, tablets, and beyond

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